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Frost & Company P.C. has devoted numerous years to understanding the legal requirements placed on today's healthcare organizations, so we can recommend and develop methodologies and structure that fit the goals of our clients within the applicable regulatory framework.

The medical practice of the twenty-first century is vastly different from those established twenty or even ten years ago. Establishing and managing a practice is far more difficult and costly. Managed care, which controls a much greater share of the market, governs physician income. Federal regulatory requirements have multiplied and the time available for a physician to learn about these issues, much less deal with them, has greatly decreased. The best and most rewarding use of a physician's time is in the treatment of patients. Frost & Company P.C. provides assistance in all phases of a practice's life and in all areas of practice operations, to help you manage the operations of the practice efficiently, so you can devote your time to treating patients.

Areas of specialty services with which we have developed unique expertise include:

Areas of specialty services with which we have developed unique expertise include:

  • Consultation with physician and Hospital entities relative to Stark I & II Legislation
  • Personal Service Agreements
  • Physician Not To Compete Covenants and Analysis
  • Practice Acquisitions, Sales and Mergers
  • Physician compensation agreements structure
  • Medical Practice Operational Assessments
  • Organizational Management Consulting
  • Expert witness in: physician organizations, contracts, partnership contracts, divorces, non-compete and marital divorces
  • Financial management of new or on-going practice
  • Personal financial management
  • Tax planning and financial consulting
  • Establishing, structuring and coordinating banking relationships
  • Retirement planning
It is not good enough to be able to prepare a practice financial statement or a tax return. The firm doing the preparation must understand healthcare; including the indicators and implications reflected by the data presented on the financial statement, and have the ability to translate those implications into planning opportunities, which lead to tax savings. Our firm views the tax return as a by-product of the financial awareness and planning opportunities recognized during the preparation of the periodic financial reports, which in turn produces the most advantageous financial and tax posture.

  • Financial Statements
  • Compiled monthly quarterly financial statements
  • Budgeted financial statements
  • Graphic Illustrations of: Year-to-Date Charges, Receipts and Adjustments Reports, Year-to-Date Income and Expense Reports, and Practice Performance Indicators
  • Overall financial review of Medical Practice
  • Federal Tax Reporting
  • Individual Income Tax Return
  • Partnership Return of Income
  • Trust Tax Return
  • Corporation Income Tax Return
  • Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Quarterly preparations (Federal and State)
  • Federal Employment Return
  • State Employment Tax Return
  • Annual preparations (Federal and State)
  • Federal Unemployment Tax Return
  • Wage and Tax Statement
  • Physician Recruitment Arrangements