About Frost & Company, P.C.

Our Approach

Carl N. Frost, CPA, CVA founded Frost & Company, P.C.in 1989 in order to create a specialized and focused organization intimate with the details and operations within the healthcare industry.

Frost & Company, P.C. is an organization built on individuals with meaningful relevant experience. We are able to hit the ground running, providing insight and content in addition to helping manage overall processes found in the healthcare industry. We are prepared to add value from the commencement of any project.

Frost & Company, P.C. also maintains a core set of beliefs regarding how best to achieve results for our client base

  • We recognize that physicians and medical practices can benefit from outside perspectives and expertise when trying to orchestrate change within ¬†organizations -- but that buy-in and participation are key
  • We understand that "Strategic Ideas" alone do not drive change
  • We focus on "translating" strategy into results by addressing organizational and personal priorities and barriers to change
  • We follow a systematic approach of working together to ensure common perspectives, priorities and interdependent action-plans
  • We create momentum and long-standing change that perseveres
  • We commit senior level resources throughout our projects and engagements to ensure hard-hitting and long-lasting results