Frost & Company, P.C

offers knowledge and proficiency to medical practitioners, healthcare organizations and other healthcare business and management professionals that extends beyond, and accents, the accounting and tax services also provided by our firm.
Through proactive customized solutions to the medical practice, our staff guides the physician in reaching and maintaining a profitable practice via direct interaction with each physician and practice staff during every phase of an engagement, from assessment to implementation. Leveraging our extensive industry experience in medical practice management consulting, practice operational assessment, HIPAA compliance, revenue and reimbursement, business and strategic planning, and other consulting services, Frost & Company, P.C. assists in increasing our physician client's productivity, enhancing their reimbursement and revenue, while they maintain the highest levels of patient care, office management and compliance integrity.

Resulting from 35 years of consulting with Healthcare organizations and legal counsel specializing in healthcare, Frost & Company, P.C. is recognized for its expertise in all phases of Physician Recruitment Agreements and Personal Service Arrangements. Extending this expertise to the development of Fair Market Value opinions, as well as structuring of methodologies for innovative, effective strategies and solutions, we assist the Healthcare organization to remain compliant with their physician business relationships under the Stark regulations and other regulatory requirements.
"Like anyone else who operates a small service business, your word is your bond with your clients. A client might tolerate a broken promise here and there for a very good reason, but if the broken promises continue, the client's trust in you will be lost, and in very short order you will lose the client. Always over-deliver and under promise." - Business Principle: Rule 5 of Work